Minus 371 tons of CO2:Berlin and Humboldt-Universität sign climate protection agreement

The climate protection agreement describes concrete measures. In the buildings sector, ambitious energy and sustainability targets are being pursued for both new construction and refurbishment. And this despite the large number of listed buildings, especially at the sites in Berlin-Mitte. Optimizing plant technology and expanding renewable energies step by step - this is how CO2 emissions are to be significantly reduced, especially on the science-based campus in Berlin-Adlershof. Other topics such as sustainable mobility and the anchoring of climate protection and sustainability in research and teaching will also be considered and implemented in concrete projects.

The term of the climate protection agreement is ten years. Based on it, the HU is currently drawing up a climate neutrality concept. By 2030 at the latest, the Humboldt University will, with the help of compensation options, be completely climate neutral by 2045.

Here you can read the 18-page agreement


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