Commission Sustainable University

At its meeting on December 12, 2019, the Academic Senate of the Humboldt-University decided to establish a "Commission for Sustainable University" (KNU).
It will develop a climate protection strategy for the university and initiate appropriate measures for implementation. The commission is coordinated by Christin Thiel and the climate protection management.
The work of the commission is carried out in a working group structure.
Some of the working groups are led by students from the Sustainability Office. The working groups are staffed by administrative employees, students and scientists. The open structure enables all HU members to work together on a sustainability strategy for the HU.

An excerpt of some of the KNU's meeting highlights


  • Presentation: Definition of climate neutrality
  • Presentation of the indicator catalog by the editorial team


  • Update of the climate protection management
  • Work of the working groups
  • Updates/schedule for the indicator catalog


  • The climate protection managers introduced themselves to the KNU.
  • The Humboldt class "Sustainability and Global Justice" presented their research results on the topic of business trips


  • World Congestion Day
  • Presentation of the KNU in the budget commission
  • Sustainability indicators at HU


  • Presentation of the Humboldt-theme class (study of business travel at HU)
  • Discussion about processes in dealing with sustainability measures
  • Amendment of the Berlin Higher Education Act


  • Mensa revolution report
  • Pitch of the sustainability measures for the year 2021.


  • Reports on the presentation of the catalog of goals for a sustainable HU in the Academic Senate
  • Update on the recruitment process of the climate protection managers
  • Amendment of the "Berlin Higher Education Act"


  • Presentation of the sustainability platform "" (structure, tasks, target group)
  • Outlook 2021


  • Reports on contacts with inter-university committees.
  • Discussion on the sustainability target catalog


  • Reports on the working methods of the working groups
  • Work on the sustainability goals for the HU


  • Discussion about a target catalog for a sustainable HU
  • Catalog of goals with 5 fields of action (operations, governance, research, teaching, communication)


  • Determination of the definition of the term: "sustainability" for the further work of the KNU
  • Structure and working methods of the commission


  • Constitution of the commission by the president, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Sabine Kunst
  • Introduction of the members
  • Definition of the scope of work, objectives etc.
  • Fields of action of the commission
  • Continuation of the working groups of the FoNU


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Goals of the "Commission Sustainable University"

The list of goals of the "Commission Sustainable University" can be found here (in German).


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