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The clean-IT Forum is an open platform for stakeholders in academia, IT industry, NGOs and policy leaders to exchange ideas about how to effectively reduce the energy requirements of digital technologies following the guiding principles "algorithmic efficiency" and "sustainability by design" in digital engineering. Due to its immateriality computer systems appear to be clean services and applications. However, every digital action requires energy. The use of digital technologies has increased exponentially over the last couple of decades and therefore also its energy requirements - this is especially true for such popular applications as cloud, artificial intelligence and media streaming.

To reduce energy requirements of computer systems it is necessary to ...
  1. raise awareness about the energy footprint of computer systems
  2. find feasible methods to measure the energy consumption of computer systems and software
  3. take the trade-off between performance and energy consumption into account when creating computer systems
  4. establish algorithmic efficiency and sustainability by design as guiding principles in digital engineering
  5. rethink IT architectures and algorithms
  6. apply clean-IT solutions on a broad scale in popular services and products
The clean-IT Forum will shed light on every of the above mentioned steps and present clean-IT solutions from research and application in very different domains of digital technologies by supporters of the clean-IT initiative:

Digitalization and Climate
Energy-efficient Algorithms and Databases
Energy-efficient Data Centers
clean AI

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